Compact Track Loader

Glenvale currently has an ASV RC100 compact track loader that is powered by a 100 horsepower Perkins diesel engine. The RC100 is the largest ASV unit making it like a Bobcat on steroids. The RC100 has 500 mm (18 in) wide rubber tracks giving it very good flotation and ability to work on surfaces while minimizing rutting. A multitude of hydraulic powered attachments as noted below can be fitted to the RC100 making it the most versatile piece of equipment in our fleet. As a loader, the RC100 has a high capacity 2 m wide bucket enabling it to move more than 1 cubic meter of earth at a time.

In addition to a bucket, Glenvale has the following attachments which can be fitted to the RC100 depending on the task at hand:

  • A vibrating smooth drum roller for compaction of driveways and parking area fills
  • A trencher for installing drainage tubing and underground services up to 1.2 m in depth
  • An auger for probing or installing posts up to 1.5 m depth
  • A six way dozer blade for final grading and shaping
  • A set of forks for lifting and moving heavy items on pallets


Glenvale currently has 2 Case 550H dozers with 6 way blades that can be used for a multitude of tasks including stripping, fill spreading and final grading. The first piece of equipment that Matt learned was an old Case 450 dozer and there is not much he can't do with one of the Case 550H's.


Kobelco Units


This is a Short Radius or zero-turn radius machine making it ideal for  work in close proximity to buildings or existing structures. The 135 has  a four cylinder Isuzu turbo charged diesel putting out 70 kW (95 HP)  and has a weight of about 14 tonnes. The 135 can reach almost 9 meters  and lift up to 8 tonnes. The 600 mm wide tracks 3.74 m long provide good  flotation (5.1 psi). Swing speed for the 135 is up to 11 rpm and the  maximum digging force is 9 to 10 tonnes. The 135 is fitted with a 1 m  wide bucket with a capacity of 0.7 cubic metres. 

SK 160LC

 The 160 has a four cylinder Mitsubishi turbo charged diesel putting out  82 kW (112 hp) of power and has a weight of about 17 tonnes.  The 160  can reach just over 9 meters and lift up to 9 tonnes.  The 800 mm wide  tracks 3.74 m long provide very good flotation (4.3 psi). Swing speed  for the 160 is up to 11 rpm and the maximum bucket digging force is 11  to 12 tonnes. The 160 is fitted with a 0.9 m wide bucket with a capacity  of 0.7 cubic metres. 


The 210 has a six cylinder Mitsubishi turbo charged diesel putting out  110 kW (148 hp) of power and has a weight of about 21 tonnes.  The 210  can reach almost 10 meters and lift up to 15 tonnes.  The 800 mm wide  tracks 4.45 m long provide good flotation (4.8 psi). Swing speed for the  160 is up to 11 rpm and the maximum bucket digging force is 14 to 16  tonnes. The 210 is fitted with a 1.2 m wide bucket with a capacity of  1.2 cubic metres. 


Our smaller JCB excavators

JCB 8052

The 8052 is a 5 tonne rubber tracked midi excavator capable of reaching  up to 6 m and powered by a 35.7 kw (47.8 hp) four cylinder perkins  diesel engine.   It is a short radius design and has a dozer blade that  is useful for grading. The rubber tracks and machine width of 2 m make  the 8052 versatile for smaller jobs around existing yards and houses  where disturbance can be minimized. With a bucket breakout force of up  to 4 tonnes the 8052 can almost match its own weight in digging power. 

JCB 8060

The 8060 is a 6 tonne rubber tracked midi excavator powered by 44.5 kW  (59.6 hp) four cylinder Isuzu diesel engine.  The 8060 has a reach of up  to almost 6 m and a width of 2 m making it a good candidate for working  in smaller yards where room to operate is minimal. Coupled with a 75 cm  wide bucket, the 8060 can do some serious earth moving. With a lifting  capacity up to 4 tonnes and bucket breakout force of up to 5 tonnes, it  can move items almost as big as itself. Rubber tracks and a dozer blade  make the 8060 a good candidate not only for residential excavation but  also for final grading and shaping. 

Firewood and Lumber Sawing

As part of our operation, Glenvale cuts firewood and lumber from trees removed during projects or from our shop property in Redbridge. Glenvale has a Norwood bandsaw mill that is portable and can be moved on site if necessary. The bandsaw mill can cut timbers and lumber on trees up to 90 cm in diameter and 6 m in length. Custom sawing of your timber can be provided if you wish as well.

Land Clearing Equipment

Most projects start with clearing of trees and vegetation. Glenvale can make this phase of the project go quicker than you might think. Most clearing projects involve removal of larger merchantable timber either for firewood or lumber. Smaller trees and brush are normally chipped and removed or can be left onsite as a mulch for future landscaping. For smaller jobs, Glenvale will surgically fall larger trees with a chainsaw and load using one of our hydraulic thumb equipped excavators for transport off site. For larger jobs, Glenvale can bring in a John Deere 290 tracked forestry processor. The 290 can grab a tree up to 35 cm diameter, cut it off at the stump, delimb it and cut it into log lengths for transport.

For the smaller trees and brush, Glenvale can fall them and feed them through our Morbark 13 chipper powered by an 80 hp diesel engine. Trees up to 150 mm diameter can be chipped in short order. One of the JCB midi excavators fitted with a hydraulic thumb can be used to feed entire trees into the Morbark 13. Alternatively smaller trees (up to 75 mm diameter) and brush such as alders can be mulched in place using the forestry mulcher head fitted to the ASV RC100 rubber tracked loader. This RC100 forestry mulcher combo will make shortwork of any bramble patch leaving behind only mulch that can be removed or mixed with the topsoil.

Licensed Trucks and Trailers

Glenvale has a small fleet of pick-up trucks including half tons, 3/4 tons and a 1 ton. These trucks are used daily to service our equipment and carry the tools that we need to get the dirty work done. In addition to our work trucks we have numerous trailers for moving just about anything you can imagine. Our tool trailer can be mobilized to site to tackle just about anything we get involved in. Our 1 ton dually chevy can move any of the equipment up to 7 tonnes using the gooseneck float or smaller loads of material up to 5 tonnes using the gooseneck dump trailer.

Offroad Trucks

Glenvale's DDT 16 tonne articulating 4 wheel drive dump truck can be used in initial site work activities where roads do not exist or where ground conditions prevent the use of standard tandem trucks. Nicknamed our 'Stump Hauler' the DDT is powered by a 6 cylinder cummins turbo charged diesel engine providing ample power for moving anything from vegetation and stumps to topsoil over rough terrain during initial stripping, and gravel or rock fill for road construction.