Access Construction

Construction of access from a short driveway to a private access road needs to incorporate proper foundation preparation, adequate drainage measures and suitable fill to ensure that the access will stand-up through the seasons year after year. Access to our extensive equipment fleet and Matt's engineering background and experience will ensure that your driveway or access road is built to last and in an efficient and economical manner.


As noted on our equipment page, Glenvale is fully outfitted to undertake clearing projects in an efficient and organized manner. From chainsaws and forestry processors to chippers and mulchers, we can clear your property without leaving a big mess behind.


Proper drainage of groundwater and surface water is crucial to long term stability and uninterrupted use of your development project. Glenvale will work with you to ensure that all foreseeable drainage issues are addressed in the site layout and construction details for your project.


Excavation is not just a matter of digging a hole, but needs to take into account management of materials, surface water drainage and groundwater flow management. Through Matt?s many years working on large construction projects, he has seen all types of excavation methods in a wide range of conditions. In some cases, more than one excavator is required to allow continuous excavation and backfill operations if slope stability and/or groundwater flows represent challenges. With 5 excavators available, Glenvale can make sure the dirty work gets done on time.

Firewood / Lumber Sawing

As part of our operation, Glenvale cuts firewood and lumber from trees removed during projects or from our shop property in Redbridge. Glenvale has a Norwood bandsaw mill that is portable and can be moved on site if necessary. The bandsaw mill can cut timbers and lumber on trees up to 90 cm in diameter and 6 m in length. Custom sawing of your timber can be provided if you wish as well.


Whether it is the grading of a driveway or final grading and shaping of final surfaces, Glenvale will make sure that you are satisfied with the final result. With either a Case 550H six-way dozer, JCB 212 loader / box blade combo, or a midi excavator with a dozer blade we will transform a rough surface into a final surface that you are satisfied with.

Landscaping / Ecoscaping

Glenvale can help you make your dream reality when it comes to the final sculping of your outside property development project whether it be pavers and concrete retaining walls or natural stone and vegetation. We are happy to work with you directly or your designers or other specialties to make your yard a great place to relax and spend your leisure time.

Outbuilding Construction

Glenvale can also help you with any outbuilding Construction Projects including sheds, garages and storage buildings

Project Management

Glenvale will work with you to ensure that our work is done efficiently and as seamlessly as possible where other contractors are involved. We will also communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you updated on progress and timing for your project. At the start of any project we will also take the time to go through a project implementation plan so that you are fully aware of how the dirty work will get done.

Septic Systems

Glenvale is a qualified Sewage System Installer and will work with you to come up with the most cost effective septic system layout that suits your specific property. We can provide turn-key service and deal with all the permits and regulators or work with you on any installation work you require.

Site Design

Site Design for your development project can be provided drawing on Matt Parfitt?s background and experience as a consulting geological engineer for over 20 years. Matt can provide input and help to ensure that the end result will stand up to years of service. Matt is particularly good at helping to solve existing drainage issues or ensuring that your site layout will not cause problems in the future related to surface and groundwater drainage issues.

Site Re-vegetation

Glenvale can provide site re-vegtation services including topsoil placement, grass seeding, sod placement or alternative vegetation. We can also provide larger native trees and shrubs for your project.